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Trainees: Archived NICE Summary Guidelines

Each month trainees from a different ACB region are asked to produce summaries of recently published guidelines from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) focusing on their impact on laboratory medicine. Below are a list of the summaries that have been produced so far and are available to be downloaded. These summaries are by no means endorsed by the ACB and have not been checked for scientific content. However, they may provide a useful resource for trainees.

Archived Guideline Summaries

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
CG87 Type II DiabetesPDF27.80 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
CG123 Common mental health disordersPDF25.92 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
CG124 Hip fracturePDF26.15 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
CG128 Autism in young people and childrenPDF26.08 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
CG134 AnaphylaxisPDF56.38 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
CG138 Patient experience in adult NHS servicesPDF27.18 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
CG156 Assessment and treatment for people with fertility problems-oldPDF77.75 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
IPG393 Endoscopic radiofrequency for faecal incontinencePDF25.71 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
IPG394 External aortic root support in marfan syndromePDF25.88 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
IPG395 Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for faecal incontinencePDF28.42 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
IPG396 Trabecular stent bypass for open angle glaucomaPDF26.11 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
IPG399 Percutaneous endoscopic catheter laser balloon pulmonary vein isolation for AFPDF21.27 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
IPG400 Thoracoscopic exlcusion for prevention of thromboembolismPDF25.81 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
MTG4 BRAHMS copeptin to rule out MIPDF28.22 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
NG12 Suspected Cancer recognition and referralPDF352.96 KB10 Feb, 2016 Download
PH56 Vitamin DPDF250.21 KB05 Aug, 2015 Download
TA224 Golimumab for rheumatoid arthritisPDF26.49 KB07 Jan, 2015 Download
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Updated 8 February 2019

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