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What can the Federation of Clinical Scientists (FCS) do for you?

The FCS is a certificated independent trade union recognised as a full member of the NHS Staff Council, the authoritative negotiating body for the UK NHS.

FCS is the trade union arm of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB) but equally represents the industrial relations interests of clinical scientists from other disciplines. The ACB is one of a small number of professional bodies recognised also as a trade union. Other professional bodies in clinical science are not so recognised. This is why the ACB created a special class of membership – the Federation member – so that clinical scientists have a collective voice in industrial relations.

  • FCS is fully recognised for collective negotiating and representing individual members in the NHS at both national and local, trust level, with the Health Protection Agency and National Blood transfusion Service.
  • Representation of clinical scientists by clinical scientists who understand your issues because they are their issues too.
  • All FCS officers and representatives have a unique commitment to clinical science as practising scientists. The FCS has simply expanded their expertise, knowledge and skills with regular industrial relations training and awareness but bringing a scientist’s rigour and need for hard evidence also benefits the industrial relations process.
  • Our network of local accredited representatives is supported by regional and group (currently microbiology, cytogenetics and trainees) officers.
  • We use the services of professional legal support  with a proven track record in the more serious cases and member’s problems, up to Employment Tribunal where necessary.
Updated 28th February 2012

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