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Paediatric Laboratory Medicine Network

We are excited to announce the creation of this new special interest group, the Paediatric Laboratory Medicine network (PaLMnet), operating as a subgroup of the ACB Scientific Committee. Although there are organisations for discussion of paediatric metabolic diseases such as MetBioNet and SSIEM, until now there has been no forum for considering the specific needs of babies and children in respect of core laboratory tests. PaLMnet was created to fill this gap. There have been two meetings to date (11/11/2016) and more are planned. The agenda attached here gives a flavour of what has been discussed. I hope you will agree that they are important and interesting topics. Each meeting has focused on three or 4 aspects of paediatric laboratory medicine, with the intention of providing expert consensus documents that will be published here once agreed.  Please watch this space.

If you have any comments or observations, please contact me . I am particularly keen to hear from microbiologists, virologists and immunologists with an interest and expertise in paediatric medicine.

Chris Chaloner, Chair, PaLMnet


Title Last Revised Next Review  Link
Agenda - 26 Sept 2016 Meeting
  N/A pdf Image Download
PaLMnet Vision
06/2016 TBC pdf Image Download
PaLMnet Terms of Reference 06/2014 06/2019 pdf Image Download
Audit of Sweat Testing by Bilateral Sequential Stimulation 06/2018 TBC pdf Image Download

Updated 18 June 2018

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