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LC/MS SIG: Group Aims

The intial aims of the group, that were agreed before the launch meeting, are to:

1. Develop an anonymous database of current methods and method in final stages of development/ validation.

2. To maintain and improve the standard of LC-MS/MS method development and validation both in house and with manufacturers of equipment and methods.

3. To promote education and training in LC-MS/MS techniques

4. To offer theoretical and practical guidance to less experienced members of profession (new implementers) in the   development of methods (where possible) in order to maintain the standard of LC-MS/MS method development.

5. To offer practical guidance in the procurement of analysers with regarded to specifications of machines.

6. To facilitate discussion between established LC-MS/MS users in current hot topics such as: Metabolon, Hub and spoke consolidation and privatisation.

7. To Act as collective lobbying body with manufacturers with regard too:

  • Standardisation and traceability of calibrators
  • Production of Internal standards
  • Automation of sample preparation
  • Connectivity of results to LIM’s systems

8. To address clinical issues arising from the development of LC-MS/MS methods

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Updated 31st July 2013

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