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Science: ACB Involvement in NICE Guideline Development

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is a world leader in setting standards for high quality healthcare and for promoting healthy living. They provide authoritative, evidence-based guidance on the most effective ways to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and ill health. Their guidance is for the NHS, local authorities, social care organisations, charities, and anyone with a responsibility for commissioning or providing healthcare. They support healthcare professionals and others to make sure that the care they provide is of the best possible quality and offers the best value for money, through their implementation programme.

They collate and accredit high quality healthcare guidance, research and information to help health professionals deliver the best patient care through NHS Evidence.  See:

For more information on the development of guidelines and how NICE works see:

All members of Guideline Development Group have equal status, which reflects the relevance and importance of their different expertise and experience. They include health professionals and researchers as well as patient and carer members. All members need to attend regular meetings and undertake background reading.

Your Scientific Committee works with NICE to ensure that the views of the ACB are represented in the production of Clinical Guidelines, Quality Standards  and Diagnostic assessments.  Experts are selected by the Scientific Committee on the basis of their knowledge of the subject involved.  The level of involvement of the selected member can be is variable and may extend from the reviewing of Draft manuscripts to full membership of the Guideline Development Group.

NICE Clinical Guidelines make recommendations to the NHS on treating and caring for people with specific diseases and conditions.

NICE Diagnostics Guidance makes recommendations to the NHS on the efficacy and cost effectiveness of new diagnostic technologies

NICE Quality Standards are a concise set of prioritised statements designed to drive measurable quality improvements within a particular area of health or care.

Guideline Summaries

The ACB Trainees Committee has produced summaries of many published NICE guidelines looking at the affect each guideline has on laboratory services. Links to produced summaries are included in the lists below. Alternativley you can view a full list of all the summaries produced at the NICE Guideline Summaries page.

NICE Guidelines

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Updated 10th February 2014

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