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Measurement Verification

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To download the spreadsheets, agree to the terms and conditions at the end of this page then click "Submit". This will allow you to access the documents. For an explanation of these documents (updated July 2018) see the following news post


A document titled "Measurement verification  in the clinical laboratory: A guide to assessing analytical performance during the acceptance testing of methods (quantitative examination procedures) and/or analysers" is also available to download below:



Editorials from Stephen Halloran and David Burnett are available to download in PDF format below. These were originally posted in June 2009.

Terms of use

The Excel spreadsheets associated with this paper have been tested extensively but have not been validated formally. The ACB accepts no liability for errors in statistical analysis or conclusions reached as a result of using this software.

Some virus detection products commonly used by health institutions are unable to complete their scanning routines for the Excel spreadsheets provided. This may result in  warning messages and/or a failure to open the spreadsheets. Where this occurs, the institution’s information technology department should be consulted.

Updated 13 December 2018

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