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Science: Guidelines and Best Practice

Guidelines developed by the ACB

ACB committees and members have been involved in producing guidelines across a range of areas. For a list of guidelines produced by the ACB please see the ACB Developed Guidelines page.

Measurement Verification

Verifying the acceptable performance of new analytical instruments or methods is critical to the provision of an acceptable clinical service. To aide this process the ACB has produced a ‘Verification Guide’, which provides the tools to help make instrument and method validation as painless as possible whilst maximising the information it derives. Please see the Measurement Verification page for more information.

Internal Quality Control for Networked Analysers

The new software package is available on the IQC for Networked Analysers page.

NICE Guidelines

The ACB Scientific Committee is responsible for coordinating the ACB's heavy involvement in the production of relevant National Institute for Clinical Development (NICE) Guidelines. To find out more about the ACB's involvement, to access guidelines relevant to ACB members and to access guideline summaries produced by the Trainees Committee please see the NICE Guidelines page.

(This page is maintained by the ACB Scientific Committee)

Updated 29th January 2015

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