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Professors Prize

The Professors of the Academic Forum for Clinical Biochemistry (formerly the Heads of Academic Clinical Biochemistry Departments in the United Kingdom) have established a prize, which is a prestigious research award for general achievement within the field of Clinical Biochemistry. The prize lecture will be presented at a session of the ACB National Meeting and will consist of an engraved decanter plus expenses for one night at the meeting.

The selection procedure for the Award is as follows:
  • Applications will be invited from Clinical Biochemists, or those in related disciplines, such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or Clinical Medicine.
  • Applications will consist of a 500-word summary of research achievement, curriculum vitae and three best publications, together with a supporting statement from a senior scientist or clinician.
  • The application should be submitted to the Chairman of the Academic Forum for Clinical Biochemistry.

Full details of the process for submission of applications will be published each year in the ACB News and publicised more widely by posters in Academic Institutions. Details of closing dates and addresses for submission of applications will be contained in this information.

Please note that the Prize is not normally presented in years where Focus is not held, due to hosting other collaborative or international meetings.


2018    No award

2017    No award

2016    Dr T J McDonald

2015    Dr J Gill

2014    No award

2013    Dr F M Hannan

2012    No award

2011    Dr R Chiu

2010    Dr L Hodson

2009    Dr M S Cooke

2008    Prof T Walther

2007    Dr D Savage

2006    Dr C LeRoux

2004    Dr E S Kilpatrick

2002    Dr N A Sattar

2001    Dr T S Pillay

1999    Dr A A Fryer

1998    Dr I S Young

1997    Dr K E Kadler

1996    Dr P Stein

1995    Dr V K K Chatterjee

1994    Dr B P Morgan

Updated 8 October 2018

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