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Siemens Medal Award

This Award was first donated in 1971 by Miles Laboratories Limited, Ames Division and later by Bayer Diagnostics UK Limited. It was then sponsored by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics until 2010. Following a review of the Awards in 2010 this award was discontinued, with the introduction of the ACB Medal Award


2009 Dr A E Garner

2009 Dr K A Smith (runner-up)

2008 Dr J McNeilly

2008 Miss M Barr (runner-up)

2007 Dr K Parham

2006 Dr L T Ford

2005 Dr S Vickery

2004 Miss L Wood

2003 Miss A M Jones

2002 Miss C M Jones

2001 Dr C S Davies

2000 Miss J Brady

1999 Dr J Wassell

1998 Dr D J Halsall

1997 Dr R M Ayling

1995 Dr S J R Heales

1994 Dr M N Badminton

1993 Mr D Athey

1992 Dr J C Chamberlain

1991 Dr A P Day

1990 Dr G N Turner

1989 Mr R N Seabrook

1988 Mrs R Lapworth

1987 Miss V J Lyfar

1986 Dr J D Berg

1985 Dr A Lambert

1984 Dr S K Cunningham

1983 Mr R N Dalton

1981 Dr D B Freedman

1980 Mr M L Knapp

1978 Dr L G Morgan

1976 Dr G C Forrest 

1975 Mr J F Pickup

1973 Dr J Alaghband-Zadeh

1972 Miss H M Flegg

1971 Dr G M Murphy

Updated 13th May 2013

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