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Chiron Award

The Chiron Award (formerly the Corning Award) is an annual donation which will be given to an ACB Region. The donation will be used to finance a visiting international lecturer who will give the Corning Lecture. The lecture should be given as part of a Regional Meeting in the Autumn or Spring term at a major teaching centre of the Region receiving the award. (The award may be given at other centres following the approval of Council and Corning Medical.)

Requests from Regions for the award must be made in writing and should be signed by the Region's Chairman and Secretary. Each request for the award should state:-

▪ the title of the proposed lecture

▪ the lecturer with a brief curriculum vitae

▪ the programme and location at which the lecture will be held

▪ a brief outline of the expenditure required.

Requests will be considered at the first meeting of Council each year and requests should be forwarded to the National Meetings Secretary before the 1st January.

Full copies of all requests will be circulated to all Council members. If more than one request is received, selection will be made by a secret ballot of elected members of Council. The request selected will be that receiving the majority of votes cast.
The Region receiving the award will extend an invitation to all other Regions to attend the meeting at which the Corning Award lecture is given.


1998 Prof J Risteli

1995 Dr M K Schwartz

1994 Prof J A Massen

1993 Dr R Gallo

1992 Prof J Westgard

1991 Prof M Burdelski

1990 Dr E Vinnars

1989 Prof B S Arant

1988 Prof H Heymans

1987 Dr S Pang

1986 Dr B E P Murphy

1985 Dr D S Young

1984 Prof C R Scriver

Updated 27th February 2012

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