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Dade Behring Award

First donated in 1981 by Kone Instruments, the award is a sum of money agreed annually.

Now donated by Dade Behring, the award shall be given to honour a medical scientist whose work has been of major importance to clinical biochemistry - in practice, research or in education - leading to improved International co-operation between workers in the speciality, particularly those within Europe.

Nominated persons should normally be practising clinical biochemists from outside the UK.

Nominations must be in writing and signed by a proposer and two other members of The Association for Clinical Biochemistry. Members of Council, officers of Standing Committees and regularly invited persons may not sign nominations as either proposer or seconder. Each nomination is to have the agreement of the person nominated. The nomination should be supported by a statement of 100-200 words outlining the nature of the contribution of the nominee who should be available to give the award lecture at the next National Meeting.

The submission should be forwarded to the Meetings Secretary before a specified date to be announced each year.

An awards committee, comprising the Association President, the National Meetings Secretary and the Chairman of the Programme Committee of the next Focus meeting, will consider the nominations and make a recommendation to the Association Council.

A full list of nominations and copies of supporting statements will be circulated to members of Council.

The name of the prize winner will be announced in ACB News.

The recipient will be asked to address a National Meeting of the Association at which the Award will be made by a representative of Kone Instruments.


2007 Prof Sir Muir Gray

2006 Prof C Lowe

2005 Prof P Gillery

2004 Dr P Garnero

2003 Prof A Horvath

2002 Prof D Hochstrasser

2001 Dr H Kuiper

2000 Prof P E Jansen

1999 Prof C N Hales

1998 Prof D Haussinger

1997 Prof S R Bloom

1995 Prof K G M M Alberti

1994 Dr C Lieber

1993 Prof P Wilding

1992 Prof O Siggaard-Andersen

1991 Prof P O Seglen

1990 Prof R Huber

1989 Prof A Grubb

1988 Prof D W Moss

1987 Dr J M Hicks

1986 Prof G Siest

1985 Prof P D Griffiths

1984 Mr P M G Broughton

1983 Dr F L Mitchell

1983 Prof T P Whitehead

1982 Prof P Astrup 

Updated 27th February 2012

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