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ACB Medal Award

This Award was first donated in 1971 by Miles Laboratories Limited, Ames Division and later by Bayer Diagnostics UK Limited. It was then sponsored by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics until 2010. Following a review of the Awards in 2010, a new award known as the ACB Medal Award was introduced. Sponsorship by individual Corporate Members will be invited as part of the overall Annual National Meeting (Focus) sponsorship package from 2011 onwards.

The Award is made on the basis of an oral communication presented by a Member of the Association at the Annual National Meeting (Focus). The winner receives a silver medal and both the winner and runner-up receive a bursary. The bursaries are intended to help attendance at a scientific meeting, or to fund research work.

The selection procedure for the award is as follows:

  • Application is by indicating on the abstract submission form that the author wishes their abstract, if accepted, to be considered for the ACB Medal Award. 
  • Applicants must be Members of the Association who are in active training (i.e. working towards, but not yet having acquired FRCPath) on the date of the competition.
  • Applicants must certify that the work, or a substantial and clearly defined part of it, is his/her own work.
  • Shortlisting and judging will be by an Award Committee, comprising the Association’s President, Past President or President Elect, Director of Publications & Communications, Director of Education, Training & Workforce and the National Meetings Secretary. A representative of the sponsoring company will be invited to join the judging panel.

Successful applicants will be informed not less than 6 weeks before the Award. At the National Meeting there will be a separate session dedicated to the Award presentations. Participants will be given 15 minutes to make their presentation with a further 5 minutes for questions. The judges on the Award Committee will look for evidence of original science that is relevant to Clinical Biochemistry. They will also look for a clear and interesting delivery, careful timing, good audio visual aids and the ability to discuss the project and answer questions. The winner and runner-up will be announced and presented with the Award at the Focus Banquet, or at the Closing Ceremony. The presentation will usually be made by a representative of the sponsoring company.

All competitors are encouraged to submit their completed study for publication in the Annals of Clinical Biochemistry


2019 Dr D Church

2019 Mr D J Marshall (runner-up)

2018 Dr S Thirkettle

2018 Mr D J Marshall (runner-up)

2017 Dr R Stead

2017 Dr E Wilkes (runner-up)

2016 Dr J Wadsworth

2016 Miss R George (runner-up)

2015 Dr D Schulenburg-Brand

2015 Dr A J F Lawson (runner-up)

2014 Dr A Cooper

2014 Miss K Hadfield (runner-up)

2013 Miss G Sanki

2013 Miss L Ghandhi (runner-up)

2012 Dr S L Hanton

2012 Miss E Ashley (runner-up)

2011 Mr N Unsworth

2011 Dr G Pourmahram (runner-up)

2010 Miss C Glicksman

2010 Miss S Jarvis (runner-up)

Updated 7 May 2019

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