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ACB International Lecturer

This new prestigious award is to be introduced in 2011, replacing the Siemens Award Lecture and the Roche Diagnostics Award Lecture (previous winners of these awards can be found on the following pages Siemens award lecture and Roche diagnostics award).

  • Nominated persons should normally be practising clinical biochemists from outside of the UK who have made a major contribution to clinical biochemistry – in practice, research or in education.
  • The recipient is invited to give a state-of-the-art lecture in their area of expertise and the Award will be a certificate and an honorarium.
  • In the first year of the Award, the recipient will be nominated by the Annual National Meeting (Focus) Scientific Programme Committee. Thereafter (Focus 2012 onwards), written nominations will be sought through the ACB News 18 months prior to the Award being made. This will comprise a supporting proposer and 2 seconders who are members of the Association, but not Members of Council or officers of standing committees.
  • If there are no nominations, the Annual National Meeting (Focus) Scientific Programme Committee will be invited to nominate a recipient.
  • The nominee must be willing to be proposed and willing to deliver an Award Lecture at the national meeting.
  • The nomination is ratified by ACB Executive. If there is more than 1 nomination, the recipient will be selected by Executive.
  • ACB Council is informed of the outcome at its first meeting after selection of the recipient.

Sponsorship by individual Corporate Members will be invited as part of the overall Annual National Meeting (Focus) sponsorship package from 2011 onwards. The Award is presented by a representative of the sponsoring company.


2018 - No award

2017 - No award

2016 - Prof S Sandberg (Bergen)

2015 - Prof J Horton (Dallas)

2014 - No award

2013 - Dr H M J Goldschmidt (Utrecht)

2012 - Prof H A Morris (Adelaide)

2011 - Prof M Plebani (Padova)

Updated 8 October 2018

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