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ACB Foundation Award

The ACB Foundation Award will be presented annually at the National Meeting of the Association. The Award will comprise a suitable memento and an honorarium.

The selection procedure for the Award is as follows:

  • The recipient will be a Member of the Association, normally resident in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, who is acknowledged as having made an outstanding contribution to Clinical Biochemistry.
  • Written nominations are sought through ACB News 18 months prior to the Award being made from a proposer and two seconders who are Members of the Association.
  • Elected Members of Council may not sign nominations as proposer or seconder.
  • The nomination should be forwarded to the National Meetings Secretary and must be accompanied by a supporting statement outlining the nature of the contribution made by the nominee and the reasons for consideration for this Award.
  • The nominee must be willing to be proposed and be able to present an award lecture at the National Meeting that should reflect the ‘state of the art’ in a chosen area of Clinical Biochemistry.
  • The recipient is selected by the Association’s Executive and the successful nominee will be advised 12 months prior to the award being made.

ACB Council is informed of this outcome at its first meeting after the selection is completed. The Award is presented by a representative of the sponsoring company after the recipient has delivered the ACB Foundation Lecture. The name of the Award winner is also announced in ACB News.

Sponsorship by individual Corporate Members will be invited as part of the overall Annual National Meeting (Focus) sponsorship package from 2011 onwards.


2019 Dr J Sheldon

2018 Dr M A Myers

2017 Dr W A Bartlett

2016 Prof N A Sattar

2015 Prof S Halloran

2014 No award

2013 Dr W J Marshall

2012 Prof I Young

2011 Dr I D Watson

2010 Dr C M Sturgeon

2009 Prof A Shenkin

2008 Dr R G Jones

2007 Prof C Packard

2006 Prof W D Fraser

2005 Prof J P Luzio

2004 Dr M J Wheeler

2003 Dr I C Barnes

2002 Dr G H Beastall

2001 Prof P Vadgama

2000 Prof C H Self

1999 Prof J Shepherd

1998 Dr S B Rosalki

1997 Prof B Burchell

1995 Dr C G Fraser

1994 Prof C P Price

1993 Prof G H Elder

1992 Prof J T Whicher

1991 Prof C N Hales

1990 Prof R Ekins

Updated 20 May 2019

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