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ACB Poster Prizes

These prizes were initiated in 1998 by Diagnostic Products Corporation (DPC) UK Limited, the name changing to the Siemens Poster Prizes when Siemens acquired DPC. Following a review of the Awards in 2010, two new awards known as the ACB Poster Prizes were introduced for Focus 2011 onwards, one for the best poster describing a clinical case(s), the second for the best poster describing a clinical audit. There are prizes for both categories, which are intended to fund attendance at a scientific meeting, or to fund research work. Sponsorship by individual Corporate Members will be invited as part of the overall Focus sponsorship package from 2011 onwards.

The selection procedure for the Prize is as follows:

  • The competition is open to all Members of the Association displaying posters at Focus meetings, except for commercial companies and invited speakers.
  • Each applicant (who must be first author) must certify that the work, or a substantial and clearly defined part of it, is their own work.
  • Application is by indicating on the abstract submission form that the author wishes their poster, if accepted, to be considered for either of the ACB Poster Prizes.
  • If a clinical cases abstract is selected for an oral presentation, the author will be ineligible to display a poster on that same case.
  • Judging for the awards is carried out by representatives of the Clinical Sciences Reviews Committee (CSRC), a sub-committee of the Scientific Committee of the Association and includes discussion of the poster at the meeting.
  • Criteria for selection include:
  • – Clinical cases – a clear description of the clinical presentation, presentation of the test results, appropriate interpretation of those results.

    – Preference will be given to cases with multi-disciplinary involvement, rare case studies or an unusual presentation of a more common case.

    – Clinical audit – a clear description of the area of practice, the standards/guidelines used, changes introduced and re-audit.

The winners will be announced and presented with their prizes at the Closing Ceremony. The presentations are usually made by the President of the ACB.

Please note that the Poster Prizes may not be held in years where Focus is not held, for example, due to hosting other collaborative or international meetings.


2019          Dr A Tridimas (Clinical Cases)

2019          Miss K P Wright (Audit)

2018          Miss B J R Johnson (Clinical Cases)

2018          Dr I A A Appianing (Audit)

2017          Dr S R Wickramasinghe (Clinical Cases)

2017          Mr P D F O'Neill (Audit)

2016          Dr S Hancock (Clinical Cases)

2016          Dr W S Wassif (Audit)

2015          Dr M Khedr (Clinical Cases)

2015          Dr S A Bowles (Audit)

2013          Miss C Griffith (Clinical Cases)

2013          Dr D McKillop (Audit)

2012          Miss S Jarvis (Clinical Cases)

2012          Dr A M Milan (Audit)

2011          Dr D J Halsall (Clinical Cases)

2011          Dr J J Scargill (Audit)

Updated 7 May 2019

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