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Events: ACB National Training Courses

The ACB training courses are intended to supplement training given in the laboratory and at local level. They are aimed at clinical scientists and medics studying for FRCPath. However, members who wish to refresh their knowledge will be encouraged to attend. The courses are held every two years (the alternative year to the management training course).

The course is currently aimed at those within the Clinical Biochemistry profession but the other disciplines have been approached to join these courses and provide suitable content. 

The subject matter of each course is discussed with the trainees committee and Regional Tutors and approved by the Education Committee. Subject matter concentrates on subjects that are not taught on Masters courses and is focussed on topics that are not found or can be difficult to grasp in textbooks. We like to use workshop based learning where possible. Specialist analytical techniques, understanding EQA, troubleshooting within the laboratory, dealing with duty biochemist scenarios and specialist clinical biochemistry knowledge such as toxicology, paediatrics, CSF are the type of subjects that we like to cover. The Education Committee welcomes content suggestions from all members. 

To get the best out of these courses a basic clinical biochemistry knowledge is required. As some of the course will be workshop based some preparatory work may be assigned to delegates. 

Details regarding the previous ACB Training Course can be seen below.
The next ACB Training Course is likely to take place in 2020. Further details will appear on this page in due course. 

2-4 July 2018: ACB Training Course - Nottingham

The Education Committee organised the ACB residential training course for 2018 which was held in the Engineering & Sciences Learning Centre (ESLC) at the University of Nottingham on 2nd - 4th July 2018

This training course was organised by Dr Donna Fullerton and Dr Stephanie Barber and the following topics were covered:

  • Business and Finance - What do we need to know?
  • Screening - Present and Future
  • Nutrition
  • The Legality Complications of Toxicology/Forensic Service

This event was lecture and workshop based. Click here for the full programme.

These courses aim to provide knowledge that is not easily available in textbooks but is vital to our role as Healthcare Scientists and enable passing the FRCPath examinations.

Further information regarding future training courses will be made available here in due course.


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Updated 11 April 2019

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