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Morning Session (Organised by ACB Pre-analytical Working Group) 
The Importance of Pre-analytical Quality for Laboratory Medicine
This session, organised by the ACB Pre-analytical Working Group, aims to provide trainees with increased insight into the wide variety of pre-analytical factors that can affect the quality of laboratory results, how these can be identified and what solutions we have to reduce the impact of these factors on the laboratory.
The morning will start with an interactive cases session exploring pre-analytical causes of abnormal results, thereby highlighting the importance of identification of these factors prior to initiating further investigation of patients. This will be followed by a workshop session during which attendees will be asked to troubleshoot common pre-analytical issues associated with the phlebotomy process with the aim of providing implementable solutions to prevent these issues affecting patient results. This will also provide a framework to introduce attendees to the aspects of the new European phlebotomy guidelines with relevance to the laboratory  

1000-1100  Pre-analytical clinical cases

1100-1300  Workshop session




Afternoon Session (Organised by the ACB Education Committee)

Biochemical Analysis of Non-blood Samples
The afternoon, delivered in a more traditional lecture format, will cover the biochemical analysis of non-standard fluids and CSF. This session has been designed to equip trainees in non-specialist laboratories with the practical skills required to both manage routine requests for analysis in these sample types and to subsequently interpret results. Trainees will then be encouraged to think outside of the boundaries of analytical evaluation in a lecture using the example to FIT testing to explore the challenges associated with introducing a new test in a non-blood sample type into the clinical laboratory.

1400-1500  'Biochemical analysis of non-standard fluids: clinical and analytical considerations' - Paedar McGing, Principal Clinical Scientist, Mater Misericordiae Hospital

1500-1600  'Specialist Biochemical Testing of CSF' - Katherine Birch, Principal Clinical Scientist, the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

1600-1700  'Introducing FIT to the clinical laboratory: technical, logistical and political challenges' - Sally Benton, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Director Bowel Cancer Screening Hub (South of England)

Wednesday Evening general scientific interest Lecture & Focus Reception
'Murder and the Making of English CSI'
Professor Ian Burney, Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester

The Focus Training Day is aimed at those members of the profession who are preparing for their FRCPath examinations and is co-ordinated by the ACB Education Committee. The sessions aim to review topics that are not well covered in text books or provide workshops that provide practical skills to aid success in the examinations. 

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ACB Member - £100
Non-Member - £175


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