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Programme: Thursday

Day One

Bury Theatre
Opening Ceremony

Bury Theatre

Transatlantic Lecture
Metabolic and Molecular Bases for Congenital Hyperinsulinism
Prof Mike Bennett
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA


Break & Industry Sponsored Symposia

  Industry Sponsored Workshop
(Chaired by Alpha Laboratories)
Presentation Area 1
FIT in the symptomatic: Putting Theory into Practice
Prof Callum Fraser
University of Dundee
Jayne Digby
University of Dundee
Sally Benton
Bowel Cancer Screening Programme South England


Parallel Sessions


Service Organisation Impact on Access
(Chairs: Adrian Miller & Deepak Chandrajay)


Game Changers
Mick Henderson & Carys Lippiatt)


Wellington Theatre

Laboratory Medicine for Transgender Patients
Dr Stephen Gibbons
Leeds Teaching Hospitals
Bury Theatre

Metabolomic Profiling
Dr Richard Unwin
University of Manchester

Wellington Theatre

Harmonisation of Pre-analytical Factors: A European View
Dr Michael Cornes
New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
Bury Theatre

100,000 Genome Project
Dominic McMullan
Birmingham Women's Hospital

Wellington Theatre

Impact of Modern Technology on Microbiology Services to an Acute Hospital
Dr James Anson
Liverpool Clinical Laboratories
Bury Theatre

Genotype Phenotype Conundra
Prof Simon Heales
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
Presentation Area 2

Alexion UK Hosted Session
Does Low ALP Matter?

Prof Bill Fraser
Norwich Medical School
Paul Newland
Alder Hey Children's Hospital
Wellington Theatre
Organising Point of Care Testing in the Community
Dr Maurice O'Kane
Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Bury Theatre
Big Gains from Big Data. Integrated Health Systems and the Hospital Laboratory
Prof Daniel Lasserson
University of Oxford


Exhibition, Posters & Lunch

UK Studies for IBD: Clinical Performance and Beyond
(Immundiagnostik AG Industry Sponsored Workshop)

  Industry Sponsored Workshop
(Agilent Technologies)
Presentation Area 1
Measuring Vedolizumab Drug Levels in IBD
Dr Mandy Perry
Royal Devon Exeter Foundation Trust
Making the Most of Anti-TNF Therapy: How Can TDM Help
Dr Tariq Ahmad
University of Exeter
Presentation Area 2
Alkaptonuria: From Mummies to Metabolomics
Dr Anna Milan
Liverpool Clinical Laboratories


Parallel Sessions


Delivering Patient Oriented Services
(Chair: Nuthar Jassam)


ACB Medal Award
(Chair: Gwyn McCreanor - ACB President)

Wellington Theatre

What Patients Want from a Pathology Service: Making Pathology Services More Patient Centred
Dr Patricia Wilkie
National Association for Patient Participation
Bury Theatre

Do Haemoglobin Variants Affect the Detection of Haemoglobin by Faecal Immunochemical Tests?
Dr Magdalen Carroll
Royal Surrey County Hospital

Modelling a Biochemist's Brain: Using Machine Learning to Aid the Interpretation of Urine Steroid Profiles
Dr Edmund Wilkes
The Royal London Hospital

Novel Markers of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Risk; the MAPK-interacting Serine Threonine Kinases (MNKs)
Dr Rebecca Stead
Royal Surrey County Hospital

Development of an LC-MS/MS Method for Biomarkers of Alcohol Ingestion for use with Post-Mortem Samples
Dr Emma Dewar
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Development of an LC-MS/MS Method for the Measurement of DHEAS, pregnenolone sulfate and 17-hydroxy pregnenolone sulfate in serum to aid in the detection of adrenocortical carcinoma
Hannah Fearon
King's College Hospital, London

Interference in an Enzymatic Creatinine Assay
Alexandra Yates
University Hospital of North Midlands






Wellington Theatre

Pharmaceuticals On The Street and How The Laboratory Can Help
Dr Loretta Ford
City Hospital, Birmingham

Wellington Theatre

Direct to the Public Testing... Key Issues and Potential Benefits for Patient Care
Prof Jonathan Berg
City Hospital, Birmingham

Wellington Theatre

Diabetic Monitoring: Developing Patient-centred Laboratory Services
Dr Christopher Duff
Royal Stoke University Hospital
Bury Theatre
Foundation Lecture
Variation: Study It Well and use the Knowledge To Effect
Dr William Bartlett
Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee

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