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Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists from Overseas working in the UK

Just as any UK educated and trained applicant, overseas applicants entering clinical scientist and biomedical scientist careers in the UK National Health Service (NHS) must ALL be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in order to work unsupervised and establish their competence and safety for patients.

Except for training or supernumerary, temporary posts all workers in healthcare sciences in the UK must comply with this and attain registration. There is no requirement for registration if you are solely employed in research either in academia, industry or the NHS - but you must attain registration if you later change these roles in an NHS post requiring working as a clinical scientist or biomedical scientist.

Routes to working in the UK NHS

  • If you are an overseas enquirer who is fully trained and qualified, experienced and working abroad already then you can apply directly to the HCPC under their INTERNATIONAL application route to registration. You do not need to apply to the ACS at all and we cannot help you with this application - please contact the HCPC directly However, you need to be very clear whether you are a true Clinical Scientist or a Biomedical Scientist when you apply for registration – the clinical interpretation competences are the key major difference which is included in clinical scientist training but not in biomedical scientist training, the former therefore acting alongside medical consultants in clinics while the biomedical scientists are the technicians performing the tests and ensuring they are reliable.
  • This overseas requirement mainly relates to your professional training being overseas – if your initial academic education to degree or postgraduate level was in the UK but your professional training was then undertaken overseas, then you can still apply directly to the HCPC under the INTERNATIONAL registration route.
  • If you are not yet fully qualified and working abroad in these roles, then you will need to enter a training scheme in the UK in exactly the same form as a UK applicant.  Following completion of the training you will need to be assessed by the Association of Clinical Scientists (ACS) or Institute of Biomedical Scientists (IBMS) in order to be certificated and apply for registration with the HCPC - but in this case you would apply to the HCPC under the UK-trained application route.

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Updated 28th February 2012

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