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Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC)

Careers within Healthcare Science have recently been reviewed with the implementation of Modernising Scientific Careers which has changed the recruitment process and training schemes for Healthcare Scientists within scientific disciplines across the NHS including Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Immunology in the UK.

The aims are to simplify the healthcare science career pathway at all stages of the career framework and implement new training and education programmes, incorporating both academic and workplace-based training.

Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC), led by the Chief Scientific Officer, is a UK-wide government initiative to address the training and education needs of the whole healthcare science workforce in the National Health Service  (NHS). This aims to introduce flexibility, sustainability and modern career pathways for the healthcare science workforce, so that this meets the future needs of the NHS.

The National School for Healthcare Science supports Modernising Scientific Careers by supporting trainees through their courses supporting departments and staff providing training, maintaining consistency and standards and providing co-ordination and advice across healthcare science. Further information on the National School for Healthcare Science can be found at

Recruitment to Healthcare Science occurs once per year and further information can be found at the following resources:

Modernising Scientific careers -

Modernising Scientific careers: The UK way forward -

NHS Education for Scotland is leading on the work for Scotland and is participating on the UK-wide Healthcare Science Education and Training Board arrangements.

For further information on Modernising Scientific Careers please contact you can contact your local ACB Regional Tutor through the ACB Office via Email. When emailing the ACB Office please state your location so that the office will know which tutor to forward your inquiry to. Please do not telephone the office as our office staff do not give careers advice and you will be asked to email.

The currently Healthcare Scientist career pathway through Modernising Scientific Careers is shown here -

Careers and Training Pathways
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Updated 2nd July 2013

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