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Careers Fairs and Events in Clinical Science - Life Sciences

Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists - in Biochemistry, Immunology and Microbiology

These events are ideal opportunities to find out more about careers you are interested in.  Don't miss the opportunity of talking to professionals about their experiences to help you decide which route to take.

If you feel you don't have enough knowledge on what to do, where to go and how to go about pursuing your ambitions, please see the official UK graduate careers website for lots of information on how to go about it as well as guidance on writing CVs and applications.

University Events

Many universities hold careers exhibitions where specialist information and advice can be obtained about these careers. You need to liaise closely with your careers advisor at university to benefit most from these events.  However, being applied sciences requiring further post graduate training, additional careers information will usually be found by contacting the professional bodies concerned who can arrange for you to speak with both tutors employed in the NHS as well as trainees who started in recent years and can provide their experiences to help you deciding on a career.

Health Service and Science Fairs

Other organisations hold special careers fairs around the country - usually in the autumn period.  Be aware of local adverts for these events some of which can be found listed below.  Here you will find staff speaking about their work in hospitals as well as an opportunity to talk with them afterwards and resolve any questions you may have.

Professional Bodies

Feel free to email the administrative office of the professional body concerned - for biochemistry, immunology and microbiology this is the ACB - to request information, to ask to speak with tutors and other trainees already embarked on their career or if you have any general questions.  The Office will forward your queries to appropriate persons for a reply.  Since this help needs to be in your locality then always provide your full name, a daytime telephone number to contact you and your email address as well as the location where you live or are studying in college in case a visit can be arranged to view a laboratory.  Information on biomedical science careers can also be obtained from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (IBMS).


Futuremorph is a dedicated website created by the Science Council to promote science and provide guidance to school students and leavers on careers in science of all sorts including clinical science and biomedical science.  Browse around the pages to get useful advice on searching for a career in general and making decisions about your future - and also find tools and resources to help those still searching.

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Updated 11 September 2019

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