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what we do

What we do

The ACB works to provide a multitude of services to our members most of which are run and organised by full time practising clinical scientists in conjunction with the ACB office. Examples of the main services, with links to separate pages carrying more in-depth information, are listed below:


FCS LogoTrade Union: The FCS is a certificated trade union, with full national recognition & negotiating rights, which represents the interests of Clinical Scientists in the NHS and other areas.

Microbiology Professional Group: The ACB Microbiology Professional Group represents and promotes the interests of Microbiologists within the ACB. 

Meetings & Events: From the annual Focus conference to regional scientific meetings the ACB runs a wide array of CPD accredited scientific meetings and training courses catering to spreading knowledge within the profession.

Careers & Education: The ACB is heavily involved at all levels of the training process for biochemists, microbiologists and immunologists from initial inquiries about the profession to running annual training courses and assessments for those in training. 

Trainees Home: The ACB Trainees Committee represents the interests of trainee clinical scientists and medics within the ACB. The Trainees Home section of the website includes information on ACB training courses, the trainees mailbase and essential training documents.

Grants & Prizes: are a wide range of scholarships and grants awarded by the ACB which, whilst open to the whole organisation, are generally aimed at trainee members. There are also numerous prizes awarded each year at the annual Focus conference. 





Updated 1 March 2018

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