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Bursaries for Trent, Northern & Yorkshire Region Members

Criteria for granting bursaries (application form at bottom of page)

Bursaries – Introduction

Bursaries from Regional Funds are available to assist Regional members of the ACB to attend meetings or conferences, or to spend a period of time working in another establishment for the purposes of gaining experience in a particular topic. The money should, however, only be used to supplement funds gained from other sources, and not for complete payment. Priority would normally be given to first time applicants. Successful applicants will be expected to give an account of their visit at a regional meeting, either orally, or through the medium of a poster, or may be asked to submit an article for ACB News.


A maximum grant of £750 per person, with a maximum of three applicants awarded this in any one year. No person shall be eligible for more than one bursary per financial year, i.e. from January to December. In order to maintain Regional accounts in a liquid state, no bursaries shall be awarded if the total amount of money available to the region in both deposit and current accounts is less than £4,000. The resumption of awards will only occur when the amount of money available to the region exceeds £4,750, and the number or amount of bursaries awarded may be reduced to avoid breaching the limit.

Applications for Bursaries

Applications should be submitted through the relevant Regional Tutor. The award of bursaries will usually be decided at a regular Committee meeting, unless the award is required before then, in which case the Chairman, Treasurer and appropriate Regional Tutor will decide and report back to the next full Committee meeting.It will be at the Chairman’s discretion whether to refer the matter to other members of the Committee.

The Treasurer will be responsible for determining whether there is sufficient money available under the above criteria to meet any requests and shall maintain a record of awards.

Applications should be submitted using the pro-forma and sent to the Treasurer well in advance of the proposed meeting stating:

  • Nature and purpose of meeting along with dates and locations
  • The expected benefit to the claimant
  • The total cost of the meeting
  • The size of bursary claimed and its intended usage
  • Proof of applications for financial support from other sources, usually outside the ACB
  • A letter of support from the Head of Department or appropriate Clinical Line Manager
  • Details of any previous applications to the Regional Committee

It will be preferred if a bursary can be used for a specific purpose, so that payment can be made directly to the organisation concerned, rather than to an individual.

Applicants will be reminded that in all cases, the Committee’s decision is final.

Ad Hoc Loans

The Committee may, at its discretion, make ad hoc loans to trainees wishing to attend national meetings or training courses. Such awards may be for the total cost of attendance provided that the cash limit set for the bursaries is not exceeded, and reference shall be made to the Treasurer in each case to determine that this is the case. Should any bursaries have been awarded, the sum available for loan shall be reduced by that amount, unless the Committee decides that the circumstances are exceptional

Unless there is a degree of urgency, in which case the Chairman, Treasurer and Regional Tutor may decide, the application will normally be decided by the full Committee.

Application should be made on the pro-forma, to the Treasurer well in advance of the proposed meeting and should contain:

  • Course details, including cost.
  • Letter of support from department head
  • The amount required.
  • Details of where financial support is being sought to permit loan repayment

Applicants should note that awards will not normally be made unless financial support is forthcoming from other sources, which will be required to be repaid into Regional funds within 3 months of attending the meeting/course. Failure to repay will have consequences for the applicants standing with Professional Bodies.

Payment will be made direct to the meeting organisers.

Successful applicants will be required to give an account of the meeting by talk or poster at a regional meeting or by writing an article for ACB News.

In exceptional cases a greater loan may be made, but this decision will be required to be made by the full Committee, and adequate funds must be available to meet such a request.

In all cases, the Committee’s decision is final.

These rules may only be varied at a full Committee meeting.

Please click here to download the application form.

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Updated 20th August 2014

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