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South West & Wessex Region: Scientific Meetings 

Details of previous and forthcoming SWW regional scientific meetings are held on this page. Where speakers have agreed, copies of their presentations are provided.

Friday 9th March 2018
"AGM, Audit and More!"
Half of the day will be dedicated to local, regional and national audits; followed by talks covering Calprotectin, anti-TNF therapy in Crohn's disease (PANTS) study and prescribing Healthcare Scientists. The end of the day will finish with a pilot ‘meet & greet’ to give more opportunity for all our members to network in this vast region.

As the afternoon will be of particular interest to Gastroenterologists and other non-Biochemistry staff, we have for this meeting created a half-day registration.

6th March 2017, Post Graduate Centre, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
"AGM & Biochemistry of Pregnancy and Screening"

18th November 2016, Derriford Health & Leisure Centre, Plymouth
"Metabolic Bone Medicine & ACB Trainees Award" Meeting programme
Speakers and topics include: Prof Fraser- Vitamin D, Dr Endean- Metabolic bone disease cases, Dr Viner- Osteoporosis clinic & bone markers, Dr Hutchinson- Rheumatoid Arthritis & ACCP, Dr Thomas- Holo TC and the Trainees Award. Further information to follow.

15th March 2016, Holiday Inn, Filton, Bristol (joint ACB Wales and ACB SWW meeting)
"AGM & Obesity, Lipids, ISO, TropI and Cortisol Assays" Meeting programme
Under nutrition and the management of eating disorders, Dr Izabella Jurewicz
ISO Standards, Dr Paul Thomas
Lipid Apheresis, Dr Dev Datta
High sensitivity Troponin I assays, Dr Soha Souwail

17th November 2015, Post Graduate Centre, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
"Neurology & Hepatology"

24th March 2015, Post Graduate Centre, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
"AGM & Endocrinology" Meeting programme

11th November 2014, Engineers' House Conference Centre, Bristol
"Update on renal chemistry and Roche trainees' award" Meeting Programme
Development of an UPLC-MS/MS method for the detection of Cathiones in urine, Mrs Becky Hopkins
AKI in the community, Miss Anna Barton
Commercial insulin assays fail to detect commonly prescribed insulin analogues, Miss Ceri Parfitt
NICE CKD guidelines 2014: challenges and benefits for primary care, Ms Paula D'Souza

29th April 2014, New House Country Hotel, Cardiff (joint ACB Wales and ACB SWW meeting)

"To test or not to test - dilemmas in lab medicine" Meeting Programme

28th November 2013, Peninsula Medical School, Exeter
"Trace elements and toxicology" Meeting Programme

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Updated 16 February 2018

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