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Northern Ireland Region: Federation of Clinical Scientists (FCS)

The Federation represents the Trade Union interests of Clinical Scientists in the NHS and other related areas, and is a certificated trade union with full national recognition and negotiating rights. In the Northern Ireland context this includes a seat on the NI Trade Union Forum and Trust Trade Union Fora. The Federation represents all clinical scientist members, including trainees. It is the 'principal executive committee' in industrial law terms. The federation is responsible to its membership for all matters involving industrial relations and conditions of employment.

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The Northern Ireland Regional Federation Representative is Dr Derek McKillop, Consultant Clinical Biochemist in the Southern HSC Trust, who is supported by a network of local representatives.

To contact your local representative with any FCS-related enquiries, please find their email address in the ACB Members Handbook.




Telephone number

Belfast HSC Trust Dr Ian Wilson 028 9504 7871
Consultant Microbiologist
Dr Alison Watt 028 9063 3410
Clinical Scientist (Virology)
Western HSC Trust Dr Mark Lynch 028 7134 5171
Consultant Biochemist [Ext 213806]
South-Eastern HSC Trust Mrs Ellie Duly 028 9041 1706
Consultant Biochemist
Southern HCS Trust Dr Derek McKillop 028 3867 3709
Consultant Biochemist
Northern HSC Trust Vacant


If you have an industrial relations query the following national and local terms and conditions documentation will be helpful. Click on the appropriate link for further information.


NHS terms and conditions of service handbook


Workforce Policy Guidance



2014 Business travel expenses circular

On call

Healthcare Science On Call arrangements.
Updated 18th August 2016

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