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Structure: Scientific Committee

A Standing Committee of the ACB.

The Scientific Committee reports to ACB Council and addresses issues set for it by Council. Its overall role is to respond on behalf of the ACB on all scientific matters of relevance to the practice of Clinical Biochemistry. The chair will ensure that this role is performed in a prompt and effective way, in line with the interests of the Association. The Committee also ensures that prominence is given to scientific issues within the Association, and that any important scientific matters are brought to the attention of Council and the Members of the Association.

The Committee liaises with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) & Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) and provides Clinical Biochemistry input to the development of national guidelines. It also ensures that such input occurs to a high standard and reflects the professional standards and interests of the Association.

The Committee maintains a website providing links to guidelines in Clinical Biochemistry, ensures appropriate guidelines are added to the site and that existing guidelines are updated on a regular basis and disseminated to the Members of the Association.

The Committee liaises on scientific issues on behalf of the ACB with other external bodies, including Regulatory Authorities, the Royal College of Pathologists, specialist associations and the International Federation for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine so ensuring that the interests of the Association are upheld during these interactions.

The below link will take you to a page giving details about how to become a Chartered Scientist.

Chartered Scientist (CSci) Status through the ACB 

Scientific Committee

  • Mrs A M Yates - Director of Scientific Affairs

  • vacant - Deputy Director of Scientific Affairs

  • Dr O J Driskell - Member

  • Prof D Grammatopoulos - Member

  • Miss V Miari - Member

  • Dr S Holding - Member

  • Mr G Avery - Corporate Member Representative

  • Dr D Gaze - Chair of Clinical Science Review Committee

  • Dr W S Wassif - Chair of National Audit Group

Corresponding Members

  • Mrs A Yates - Chair of LC/MS-MS Special Interest Group

  • Dr M P Cornes - Chair of Pre-Analytical Errors Special Interest Group

  • Mrs N J Jassam - Chair of Analyser IQC Special Interest Group

  • Dr A P Taylor - Chair of Traceability of Calibration Special Interest Group

  • Dr J G Middle - ACB Representative on the British Standards Institute

If you would like to contact anyone on the committee you can do so by clicking here. Please enter the committee and position of the person you wish to contact in the 'For attention of' field.

Updated 10 July 2019

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