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Structure: Executive

Meeting five times a year plus an Executive retreat, the Executive Committee is a smaller version of Council comprising the Honorary Officers and invited guests.

The ACB Executive, which is accountable to the ACB Council, prepares business for Council’s attention, deals with matters outside other committees, co-ordinate topics referred to other committees and administrative duties in running the Association.

ACB Council - Honorary Officers & Directors

  • Prof N R Anderson - President

  • Dr B L Croal - President Elect

  • Dr S J Glover - Company Secretary

  • Miss K Chatha - Director of Publications & Communications

  • Dr M P Bosomworth - Director of Finance

  • Mrs H A Borthwick - Director of Education, Training & Workforce

  • Mrs A M Yates - Director of Scientific Affairs

  • Dr M V Patel - Director of Clinical Practice

  • Dr E J Lewis - Director of Regulatory Affairs

  • Mrs S Robinson - National Meetings Secretary

  • Dr R J Shorten - Chair of the Microbiology Professional Committee

  • Dr E A L Bateman - Chair of the Immunology Professional Committee

  • Ms C F Baillie - Non-Executive Director

If you would like to contact anyone on the committee you can do so by clicking here. Please enter the committee and position of the person you wish to contact in the 'For attention of' field.

Updated 8 July 2019

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