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The Education Committee of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine provides a professional overview of training and continuing education of clinical biochemists and immunologists (both scientist and medical) at a National level. In order to further these aims at a local level there is a system of Regional Tutors, based on the NHS regions.

The function of the Regional Tutors is to promote training opportunities for clinical biochemists and immunologists in their Region. They may, for example, be involved in assessing the need for local courses, give advice on the organisation of such courses or on bidding for financial support. This will involve working closely with the Regional Advisor for the Royal College of Pathologists and local Training and Personnel Officers. Liaison with the Regional Postgraduate Education Committee may also be appropriate. The Regional Tutor is responsible for the administrative aspects of the Pre-registration Training Scheme in their region.

At a more personal level, the Regional Tutor may offer advice and counselling to the individual trainee. This function is to augment if necessary, not to replace, the role of the Head of Department or supervisor in the training of clinical biochemists. For example, the Tutor may, by liaison with the Royal College of Pathologists’ Regional Advisor, give advice on research projects, on examination regulations and offer counselling on career development.

As the manpower structure of the profession adapts to future needs and as the science of clinical biochemistry and immunology advances, training requirements will also change.

The ACB Education Committee, along with the Regional Tutors, is committed to anticipating and planning its training strategies accordingly.

Regional Tutors

  • Dr A Chipchase - Eastern

  • Dr S Brady - London (North East)

  • Mr M J Whitlock - London (North West)

  • Miss W E Armstrong - London (South)

  • Dr A M Milan - North West

  • Dr B J Toole - Northern

  • Dr G M Connolly - Northern Ireland

  • Dr J Brady - Republic of Ireland

  • Miss K Smith - Scotland

  • vacant - South West (Wessex)

  • Ms H Bruce - South East

  • Dr D Fullerton - Trent

  • Dr P H Thomas - South West

  • Mrs S M Tennant - Wales

  • vacant - West Midlands

  • Dr D C Turnock - Yorkshire

  • Dr E J Rab - Toxicology

  • Dr E Hodges - Immunology

  • Dr D R Ready & Dr K Templeton - Microbiology

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Updated 27 November 2019

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