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Lab Tests Online UK is the product of a unique collaboration among professional societies representing the clinical laboratory community and is designed to help patients understand laboratory tests. The concept was originally conceived by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), and launched in the United States of America as Lab Tests Online in 2001. The Association of Clinical Biochemists identified the potential value of the site and, through generous funding by a grant from the Health Foundation, it has been able to license the material from Lab Tests Online and create a site tailored to the UK public which was launched in June 2004. Lab Tests Online UK is the first international version of this web resource outside the US and since launch, the UK site has grown exponentially. In March 2015 the site received 207K hits, and app downloads reached 11,368. Patients and their carers will find simple explanations and answers to their questions about laboratory tests whether they are from clinical biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, immunology, cytopathology or histopathology.

The site has been endorsed by the Department of Health, features throughout the NHS Atlas of Variation, is recommended by NHS Choices, cited on many hospital Pathology websites and is used regularly by health policy makers. It is described as ‘the single most authoritative source of information about laboratory tests on the web’.

With over four million visitors to the website and now with generous support from the Royal College of Pathologists, the Institute of Biomedical Science and the Department of Health, Lab Tests Online UK site is continuing to grow. The ACB office can provide Members with promotional literature detailing the site for GPs and patients (as posters and pamphlets).

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LTO UK Board Membership

  • Dr D B Freedman - Chair

  • Dr S Stock - Managing Editor

  • Mr S Jones - Technical Lead

  • Mrs D Landup-Horgan - Administrative Manager

  • Dr M P Bosomworth - LTO-UK Treasurer

  • Mrs K Heaney - Publicity & Promotions Officer

  • Mrs R Powney - Marketing and Promotions

  • Prof J D S Kay - Patient Liaison

  • Dr P Wilkie OBE - Patient Advocate/Lay Member

  • Dr T Butler - RCPath Representative

  • Mr J M Stevens - IBMS Representative

If you would like to contact anyone on the committee you can do so by clicking here. Please enter the committee and position of the person you wish to contact in the 'For attention of' field.

Updated 26 February 2019

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