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Joining: Income Tax Relief on your ACB Subscription

The ACB is on the list of professional bodies and learned societies approved by HM Revenue & Customs for tax relief on membership subscriptions. Therefore if you are a UK tax payer and pay your own membership fee then you may be eligible for tax relief on your yearly membership fee.

How do I claim?

If you complete a self-assessment tax return then you will need to include your fees in your annual return. It is not necessary to submit receipts however they can be requested by HMRC so you would be advised to keep records of your receipts. If you do not complete a tax return then you can claim simply by writing or phoning your local tax office. Your employer can provide you with the address and reference for your local office. For more information please see

If you have never claimed relief before then you can make a backdated claim for up to 4 years. When making a backdated claim you are required to submit a list of how much you paid in each year. The ACB Office can provide you with a list of professional membership fees you have paid to the association.

When making a claim you will need to reference both the 'Association of Clinical Biochemists' as well as the 'Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine'.

Click here for a Step-by-step guide for claiming back tax on professional subscriptions prepared by the Trainees Committee

Who can and can't claim?

To claim tax relief you have to be a UK tax payer and pay your membership fee yourself. You also have to be an 'Ordinary' member of the association. Tax relief can only be claimed on expenses considered necessary to carry out your work or is relevant to your job. Trade Union activities are not covered by this definition and therefore Federation only members are not able to claim relief.

You can not claim relief if
  • You are not a UK taxpayer
  • You are a 'Federation only' member
  • Your employer pays your membership fee

Other subscriptions you can claim relief on

There are a number of other bodies on the HM Revenue & Customs approved list that ACB members will be able to claim tax relief against their yearly subscriptions and fees. These organisations include:
  • Royal College of Pathologists
  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Association of Clinical Pathologists
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists
  • Clinical Molecular Genetics Society
  • Institute for Biomedical Science

For the HCPC and GMC members are able to claim against the fee for entrance onto the register as well as their yearly retention fee.

For a full list of the bodies on the HM Revenue & Customs approved list please see

Updated 22nd August 2014

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