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Corporate Membership of the ACB

Corporate Membership was established by the Association in 1975 in order to strengthen links with companies supplying goods and/or services to clinical chemistry laboratories.

The current subscription for Corporate Members is £890.00 per calendar year. However if joining after 30th June only a half years membership fee is due. Sole traders can also join the associations at a cost of £172.00

Benefits of Corporate Membership

In addition to the general benefits which may be expected from a close relationship with the Association (in particular with the Scientific and National Meetings Committees), Corporate Members enjoy some more tangible advantages.

  1. They automatically become members of the Corporate Members group of the Association, whose chairman is an invited member of the Association Council. The group also has representatives on the Scientific and National Meetings Committees along with other working groups within the Association.

  2. Corporate Members are the only companies permitted to exhibit at ACB National Meetings.  Full Corporate Members receive a discount for exhibition bookings at National Meetings.  Companies may attain temporary Corporate Membership by paying the higher exhibition rate if they are not full Corporate Members.

  3. Corporate Members receive copies of all the publications of the Association that are sent to individual members including the ACB News and Annals of Clinical Biochemistry and receive discounts for advertising rates.

  4. Corporate Members may send employees to all meetings and training courses of the Association with the exception of General Meetings. In cases where registration fees are required, the Corporate Members' representative may attend at the members' rate.

  5. Corporate Members may include reviews of their products in the Corporate Members’ column of the ACB News and are entitled to a discount on advertising rates in the ACB News.

  6. Corporate Members may send a representative to the annual meeting with the Officers of the Association, which the Association hosts specifically for Corporate Members, where matters of mutual interest are discussed in depth.

  7. Corporate Members are listed on the ACB website along with their website address.

In essence the Association is keen to ensure that Corporate Membership is of value to companies as a worthwhile and cost effective link with the profession.

Updated 14 March 2019

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