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The below this of books have been produced by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry and are available from the ACB Online Store. A full list of AACC publication can be found on their website store at

An Expert’s Quick Guide to Diabetes Mellitus- pb 2015

Global Point of Care: Strategies for Disasters, Emergencies, and Public Health Resilience - pb 2015

Quick Guide to Body Fluid Testing - pb 2015

Quick Guide to Hemostasis (3rd Edition) - pb 2015

Clinical Toxicology Laboratory: Contemporary Practice of Poisoning Evaluation, 2nd Edition - pb 2013

Paediatric References Intervals, 7th Edition - pb 2013

Principles of Forensic Toxicology, 4th Edition - pb 2013

Quick Guide to Clinical Chemistry, 2nd Edition - pb 2013

Quick Guide to Endocrinology - pb 2013

Quick Guide to Haematology Testing, 2nd Edition - pb 2013

Quick Guide to Immunoassay Interferences - pb 2013

Laboratory Diagnosis of Inherited Metabolic Diseases - pb 2012

Point-of-Care Testing: Making Innovation Work for Patient-Centred Care - pb 2012

Quick Guide to Clinical Chemistry - pb 2012

Quick Guide to Laboratory Statistics and Quality Control - pb 2012

Point of Care Testing: 3rd Edition - pb 2010

Applying Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine: A Step-by-Step Guide - pb 2009

Handbook of Workplace Drug Testing, 2nd Edition - pb 2009

DNA From A to Z & Back Again - pb 2008

Handbook of Diagnostic Endocrinology, 2nd Edition - pb 2008

Self-Assessment in Clinical Laboratory Science II - pb 2008

Effects of Pre-analytical Variables on Clinical Laboratory Tests, 3rd Edition - pb 2007

Evidence-based Laboratory Medicine: Principles, Practice, and Outcomes, 2nd Edition - pb 2007

Paediatric References Intervals, 6th Edition - pb 2007

Atherosclerosis Risk Factors - pb 2005

Osteoporosis - From Pathophysiology to Treatment - pb 2004

Circulating Tumor Markers of the New Millennium - pb 2002

The Hitchhikers Guide to Improving Efficiency in the Laboratory - pb 2002

Molecular Diagnostics: A Training and Study Guide - pb 2002

Tumor Markers: Physiology, Pathobiology, Technology and Clinical Applications - pb 2002

Biological Variation: From Principles to Practice - pb 2001

Challenges at the Clinical Interface: Case Histories for Clinical Biochemistry - pb 2001

Effects of Disease on Clinical Laboratory Tests, 4th Edition (2 Volumes) - pb 2001

Effects of Drugs on Clinical Laboratory Tests, 5th Edition (2 Volumes) - pb 2001

Handbook of Lipoprotein Testing, 2nd Edition - pb 2000

Geriatric Clinical Chemistry: Reference Values - pb 1993

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